The Story Behind CareExchange

The Story Behind CareExchange

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the United States, and Colorado in particular, the HDS team (operating as Kanso Software) saw a big problem in managing scarce resources to serve those in need. We sprang into action, building a platform for the state of Colorado pro-bono, to provide critical resource management during a time when many were unable to access necessary daily items. By connecting individuals and businesses alike, we made it possible to request needs, provide supplies, and to do so safely – ensuring we all make it to a brighter tomorrow.

The CareExchange platform allows individuals and businesses to donate food and essentials to local charities and families who need it most.

COVID19 put CareExchange on the map, but it had been in the works since early 2020. Founders saw the difficulties social impact nonprofits have in trying to raise money, needing technology to be able to show the outcomes and reports that support their need for funding, but having donors that want every dollar to go to specific programs and therefore having no funding for needed technology.

Founders also worked closely with state government and realized how hard it is to efficiently allocate funds to impact because there is no visibility into where the greatest need is. This is also a technology-driven issue.

Between the barriers to funding created by insufficient technology and the COVID crisis that brought to light the need to easily and efficiently transfer resources to places of need, CareExchange was born. Where many nonprofits start with an army of volunteers, CareExchange is beginning with strong technology.

The Future of CareExchange

Our vision in 5 years is the world won’t be hungry. People will be feeding people, helping provide their neighbors, friends, and even the homeless with the daily necessities of life without ever having to interact with CareExchange other than through the mobile app.

Pantries will be more integrated and connected to their local communities and will spend less time on phone calls and in email trying to identify where to store or pick up food and less time trying to raise funds.

Less food will be wasted because more people will know where the food is at. Donors will feel confident in their investments into food access because they will have clear visibility into the outcomes and impact of each dollar.

Organizations in food access will have more funding from old and new sources because their stories will be dynamic and streamlined, and they will have better access to volunteers as well.

A beautiful flow between resource and impact will be created, and the technology that made it possible will be nearly invisible. What the world will see is just that people are being fed.

Learn more about the CareExchange platform and the app in development