Give What You Have, Find What You Need.

The CareExchange Platform is Fast, Easy, and Efficient

  1. Post an item you need or have to give (Food, Cleaning Supplies, Healthcare Supplies, Pet Items, Dry Goods, Paper Products)
  2. In just a few seconds, CareExchange will match you with an individual or organization that needs what you have, or has what you need.
  3. The exchange is made

CareExchange is the only resource-matching platform of its kind. With local geolocation options, you can easily find what you need in your city or connect with someone who needs what you have to donate.

CareExchange shows you donation opportunity matches nearby on a huge variety of items. Browse your area to search for something you need, or post your donations to match with those who are searching for what you can give.

Join the thousands already using CareExchange to post and donate, or find what you need from hundreds of critical resource items.

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